Coffee and Hot Air Balloons

Growing up, my parents each had their own mug – that one mug that was on the table full of coffee every morning and in their hand, filled to the brim with tea every evening. As a five year old who desperately wanted to drink coffee ‘like them’ I wanted my perfect mug too, and not to jinx anything, but I think I’ve found it eighteen years later!

This past fall I made an early morning trip to New Seasons with my boyfriend to pick up some breakfast materials (bacon, anyone?). Now, my favorite part of a New Seasons trip is just ambling through the store examining all the deliciously sinful ingredients, cool knick knacks, and quirky housewares. In doing just that on this particular morning, I stumbled across – dare I say – my perfect mug. Just the right size, with a not-too-cramped handle, and a somewhat bowed shape that fits my palm like perfection. Plus, it’s adorned with brightly colored hot air balloons!

I’m big on coffees and teas, so finding this mug seems like serendipity. I know it probably sounds ridiculous and I can’t really explain why it’s so perfect, but I smile a little every time I use the mug; maybe the hot air balloons make me want to travel (more than I already do), or maybe the slightly imperfect lines make me want to dive into creative endeavors. Plus, some of the balloons have a chevron pattern, which is my favorite print, so I’m even more obsessed! Either way, it makes me wish I’d bought more than one of these vessels!

Check it out:


Pretty cool, right?  Perfect for a cup of my favorite Green Mountain coffee.


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